‘You Belong Here’ Project

I designed and initiated this collaborative project (asking people to submit their self-portraits) that takes place in Eugene and Portland Oregon.

Project Statement// 

The goal of this project is to acknowledge each other in our city and community we all share together, and that we belong to where we are, regardless of where we are from, who we are or what our background is. 

We may not possibly know every single person in the city we are in, but through a self drew portrait, perhaps we can learn something from our drawing, it may be a little bit of personality, a hint of a story, a little about who we are.  

Main Website//   Launched the Tumblr site for people to submit remotely. 

Screen shot u-belonghere Screen shot u-belonghere1

Logo of ‘You Belong Here’ Project

Printed Materials: 



I have created a 4 piece-grouped poster which works a stationery for people who can drop off right there when they see the poster about this project.

2 ubelong youbelonghere-takeaway

Mini Table Stand